JULY 24, 2019

Ben Franklin was not a resident of Beau Chene, but he sure would have loved it here.  From the sparkling yachts in the marina with their nautical American flags to the massive July 4th celebration at the Beau Chene Country Club, Ben Franklin would have loved this great American neighborhood.          

Franklin famously said that an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. This quote also rings true when Louisiana finds itself in Atlantic Hurricane season. The Beau Chene HOA Board manages the books with hurricane preparation in mind.  Lance Rase, the treasurer of the Beau Chene Board, along with his finance committee manages all accounts with the thought it may be necessary to use major funds for a post hurricane clean-up.

While Hurricane Barry was a non-event, this does not mean that the Beau Chene HOA and the staff were sitting at home watching Bosch on Amazon.  Our CAO, Cristina Donovan, was on site and oversaw the major preparation pre-storm, during the storm, and post-storm.  

Beau Chene HOA Pre Storm Preparation Action Items

  • BCHOA Public Works (PW) Staff inspected all community drainage ditches and culverts throughout and removed debris
  • Fueled and tested all equipment (including chain saws, pumps, trackhoe, backhoe, dump truck and trailers) and generators to ensure operational status.
  • Brought in and stored adequate diesel and gasoline fuel to operate equipment & generators through the storm’s potential impact
  • BCHOA PWs implemented storm protocols for water and sewerage locations

Beau Chene HOA During Storm

  • Public Works staff stayed on site from Friday afternoon through Sunday
  • Water system (2 water wells) and wastewater system (sewer plant and 20 lift stations) closely monitored throughout the weekend to ensure operational status
  • Public Works Operator, Marty Vining, stayed on-site Friday night and Saturday night monitoring all systems and roadways
  • Public Works Operator, Jacob Killian, worked all day Saturday and Sunday monitoring all systems and roadways
  • Asst. Dir of PW, Lindsey Adkins, was on call all weekend and on-site Saturday and Sunday at varying times
  • Dave Vinson and Lindsey Adkins kept all parties involved via phone

Beau Chene HOA Tree Removal on Beau Chene Drive

  • Cristina Donovan, CAO, was notified of fallen tree by a neighbor and immediately contacted on-site PW Operator, Jacob Killian.
  • Jacob Killian placed “Road Closed” signage and followed on-call protocol contacting Lindsey Adkins
  • Three more BCHOA PW Operators arrived within 30 minutes to assist in removal of tree – Marty Vining, Paul Hunt and Michael Flocke (main equipment operator)
  • Jarrells Tree Service was called and was also able to respond quickly
  • Tree removal was completed within two hours and Beau Chene Drive re-opened 

Beau Chene is a massive neighborhood, and we are very lucky to have such great employees.  We were ready for the storm, and we will be ready for the next one. On behalf of all Beau Chene homeowners, I would like to publicly thank all those who make this the best neighborhood in Louisiana.

I would also like to thank Louise Rusch, the chairwoman of the CEC, and Don Beaver with Beau Chene Country Club.  They put on a great firework display that brought together both club members and non-members and treated Beau Chene residents to an incredible celebration beneath the stately oaks.  Mark your calendars for Friday, September 27th which is the next party Louise and Don have planned.


Doug Tate

President Beau Chene HOA

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