Amendments to the BCHOA Restrictive Covenants

Dear Homeowners,

Please be on the lookout for a packet you will be receiving in the mail containing information about proposed amendments to the Beau Chene Homeowners Association, Inc.’s (BCHOA) restrictive covenants.  The last approved amendments to the BCHOA restrictive covenants were 36 years ago in 1985.  Since then, there have been many new issues and concerns raised by members of the BCHOA.

Following concerns raised at multiple annual meetings and after conducting town hall forums in 2019 and 2020, the Beau Chene Governance Committee has brought forward five (5) proposed changes/additions to the covenants to address the concerns raised in recent years.  These five (5) proposed amendments have been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors and the BCHOA legal counsel.

The packet will include an explanation of the amendments, the wording of the amendments, and an approval form for indicating an acceptance/rejection of each of the following:

  1.  Short-term rentals
  2. A fine system for violations of covenants
  3. Clarification on permissible signage on properties
  4. An allowance of estate sales under certain conditions and a prohibition on garage sales
  5. Modification to the process for future covenant amendments to be considered.

Each property owner will receive this packet with a form where you (or you and any co-owner) can indicate an acceptance or rejection of each item being brought before the ownership, with an item requiring an approval vote of 50% plus one (777 out of 1,553) of the owners in favor of the change to be accepted.

The fully completed forms can be dropped off at the HOA office or mailed back in the envelopes provided. The forms must indicate the owner’s name and address in order to be counted.  If you have any questions regarding any of the proposed amendments, please contact David Parnell at or Cristina Donovan at

Please be sure to return your Amendment Approval Form as directed so that your input can be included!

Cristina Donovan, CAO

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