Beau Chene HOA News – July 2016 – A Letter from Cristina Donovan

(Reprinted from the July 2016 issue of Our Beautiful Oak)

This month and next feel like the saying “the dog days of summer”. The temperatures are soaring and sometimes the only relief is running through the sprinklers or jumping into a pool, both are great options for play and cooling down. Another frequent means of cooling down is to take a drive in a golf cart. Driving golf carts on our roadways present many risks that the owners of golf carts need to be aware of.

Golf carts are motor vehicles and are not legal unless they are licensed for street use under state and parish traffic laws, which apply to Beau Chene streets. Golf carts are not registered vehicles with license plates, and are not covered by auto liability insurance. In addition, cart owners need to be aware one’s individual homeowner’s insurance may not provide any liability coverage either. One should consult his insurance agent to find out what is covered and coverage options. Furthermore, underage drivers are legally prohibited from driving a motor vehicle without a driver’s license. In at least two instances in the past in Beau Chene, significant law suits resulted from children or teens being injured in accidents involving a golf cart.

Private golf cart owners are also reminded only Beau Chene Country Club carts or private carts that have been authorized by the Beau Chene Country Club can be used on the golf course(s).
Parents, please think about the above information before letting your child drive a cart. If your child drives, is he/she driving responsibly and not overloading the cart with riders? As some alarmed motorists have said, “Do the parents know how their child is driving? What are they thinking?”

Please obey the traffic laws and use your common sense. Let’s all have a safe community, particularly for our children.


Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer
Beau Chene Homeowners Association

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