Doug Tate: Beau Chene Quarantine 2020

If you told me that I would be quarantined with my beautiful family for 7 weeks in South Louisiana with insanely beautiful San Diego like weather, unlimited baked goods, countless streaming possibilities like Bosch Season 6 on Amazon, Waco, Outer Banks, Unorthodox & Tiger King on Netflix, and intense ping pong matches with my 2 kids, Preston and Lucy I would have told you to stop smoking left handed cigarettes, but that is exactly the life I am living, the Beau Chene Quarantine Life.

Our neighbor city, New Orleans, has been hit hard by the Covid-19 epidemic, and I can speak for all residents of Beau Chene when I say we sincerely hope they come booming back just like they did after Katrina.

There are thousands of residents in Beau Chene and many are actively involved on the front lines of healthcare.  I have known Beau Chene resident Dr. Meredith Hall for over 15 years.  She is married to Capt. Mike Hall and they have 3 beautiful children, Graydon, Grisham, and Gabby.  Dr. Hall is a physician on the actual front lines at UMC in New Orleans.  Another longtime resident, Lauren Rhodes, is also helping.  She is a pharmacist at a local pharmacy chain and is married to Allan.  They have 3 strapping young lads, Grant, Alex and Spencer.  The residents of Beau Chene would like to thank Lauren, Meredith and all Beau Chene healthcare workers during this wild and unprecedented time.

The residents of Beau Chene also need to thank the Beau Chene Country Club.  They have graciously opened their kitchen and allowed to-go orders for all residents, even those who are not members of the Beau Chene Country Club.  According to a Beau Chene foodie the best meatloaf in the world is at Beau Chene Country Club.  This Sunday the Country Club will be operating a pop-up at Marina Beau Chene where they will be selling jambalaya, coleslaw, beer and soft drinks.  They will also be offering their award-winning Cuban sandwiches, and according to my Cuban wife, Alex, that is what we are having for dinner on Sunday night.

I also need to thank the Beau Chene HOA.  While compliments are ultra-rare with any homeowner’s association, I am making a self-serving exception in this case.  The walking/jogging trails in this neighborhood have been used exponentially more than ever imagined.  Kudos to the Beau Chene HOA for having excellent foresight.  

Marina Beau Chene also needs a huge round of applause.  They have graciously opened their play area for all to enjoy.  The picnic tables, sand play area, and fish feeding station have been frequented over the last 7 weeks with parents, kids, boaters, and people looking for fresh air.  Marina Beau Chene has undergone a massive renovation, and if you have not seen it do yourself a favor and go take a ride.  You can go Sunday from 11-5, see the marina and pick up dinner offered by the Country Club.

The Beau Chene HOA would also like to thank Board Member Geoff Hingle.  In addition to his day job, husbandly duties to Bette and father to Harrison and Harper; Geoff has been integral in preparing and setting up the 2020 virtual Beau Chene Annual HOA Meeting.  You can imagine the details when you will have 500 + homeowners on a conference call.  We look forward to hosting the 2020 Beau Chene Annual HOA Meeting.  Thank you, Geoff.

Last and certainly not least the residents of Beau Chene who are attempting to homeschool their kids during this pandemic, well you deserve a round of applause and a Tito’s vodka tonic.  I think all residents have a new-found appreciation for teachers. 

We have 2 weeks left of quarantine, so let’s make the best of it.  Go outside, meet new neighbors, see the marina, get a sandwich from the country club, and enjoy.  This will not last forever, so let’s try and enjoy it.  

The residents of Beau Chene are our greatest asset.  We sincerely hope that you are enjoying your best Beau Chene life.  

Stay Safe,

Doug Tate, President Beau Chene HOA

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