Halloween 2019 – Doug Tate Letter to Homeowners

Dear Homeowners and Residents:

The time has come.  Residents will flock outside, breathe the crisp air, and see neighbors they have not seen in months. Soccer moms will yell at their husbands to stop eating all the good candy. Kids will be chomping at the bit.  Of course, I am talking about Halloween. Since scores of young families with kids have moved into Beau Chene, we can assume that 2019 will be a record year for costumes and candy hauls. My 11-year old daughter, Lucy, will be dressed as a Dr. Pepper can, and we are deep in negotiations with our 14-year-old son, Preston, but the idea of a costume is not looking good.  So, I asked some families in Beau Chene to tell us what their plans & costumes are.

Ellie and Trey Maddox had this to say, “We are looking forward to our first Halloween in Beau Chene!  Our kids are excited to cover as much ground as possible to overflow their candy bags. We have close friends all throughout the neighborhood so having the option to use our golf cart is a major plus to living in the Beau Chene community!  We will be Trick-or-Treating from Marina Oaks Drive all the way back to our house on Evangeline Drive and many streets in between. Be on the lookout for our (4) kids…our 2 sons will be on the streets in their super real-life Spiderman costumes, our oldest daughter will be Mal from Descendants 3 and our baby daughter will be Wonder Woman!  As we are excited, but we cannot overlook the dangers of a high traffic neighborhood and the use of golf carts with MANY children present. We have warned our kids of the dangers that exist as you can never be too careful. Happy Halloween to all of Beau Chene & Geaux Tigers!”

Chris and Lauren Parks told me that their 2 cute boys are going to be Flash and Mickey from Mickey and the Roadster racers. 

Alex Tate says, “Lucy is super excited and looks forward to going to a house down the street where she has gotten socks and a full-size Snickers bar in previous years.  My husband will dress as Willie Nelson for the millionth time and he will eat every Butterfinger he sees.”

Mark Inman commented, “Every year at Halloween we put on a pot of chili and fire up the Halloween decorations which features Susanne’s addiction to the Lemax Halloween Village on our dining room table.  The kids will trick or treat with our neighbors on Audubon and West Ruelle, which means Alston is running the streets in an all-black ninja outfit (primed for an inattentive driver’s bumper) and Lucie is dressed as a White Witch like an evil princess throughout the night.  In either case, we hope people drive carefully and use their golf carts for street driving that evening since they are slower moving vehicles. We usually make time to hit a party at one of the neighbor’s homes on West Ruelle or in a neighboring cul de sac to connect with our neighbors.”   

Brittany and Kenny MacMaster added, “On Halloween this year, we will be having friends and family over to our house to eat, drink, and trick or treat. Mason will be in a blow-up dinosaur costume, and Hunter will be masked as a Fortnite skeleton. While we are fortunate to live in a neighborhood that allows us to enjoy the use of golf carts, I would urge parents and kids to please be careful and take your time while traveling around the neighborhood as there are plenty of kids dressed in dark clothing enjoying the freedoms of walking the streets.  Happy Halloween to all” 

The Beau Chene Home Owners Association is grateful, humbled, and excited that so many young people have decided to raise their new families in Beau Chene, the best sub-division in Louisiana.  As the president of the Beau Chene HOA I would like to give the ceremonial keys to the neighborhood to all the costumed young kids in Beau Chene. The keys will only work on Halloween, so please use them wisely and make sure your mom and dad get a few Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Happy Halloween,

Doug Tate
President, Beau Chene HOA

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