Keeping You Informed –  Important Updates – August 26, 2016

Dear Homeowners and Residents,

  • Status of the Fontainbleau (East) Gate Entrance Renovation

We are getting very close to “move in day”. The State Fire Marshall has been notified to schedule the inspections of the building. Once the Fire Marshall approval is received, the Parish will be able to issue a Certificate of Occupancy.  The concrete speed humps are currently being stamped in a slate pattern with yellow safety stripes and reflectors added.  Over the next two weeks, the gate arm will be installed in the outer entrance lane, security cameras will be installed and the landscape demo and installation will start.  Any changes in traffic flow during the remaining work will be communicated via Facebook, e-mail and our website plus onsite signage when necessary.

  • Gate Arm at East Entrance

The newly constructed guardhouse at the Fontainbleau (East) entrance includes a porte’ cochere (roof) that extends over the inside entrance lane.  The height of this roof will allow vehicle clearance as high as 11’ 6”.  Vehicles requiring more than this height clearance will need to use the outer or right entrance lane.  In order to maintain security levels and most effectively utilize the Vinson Guard Service contracted guards, the BCHOA security committee unanimously recommended the Board install a single gate arm for the outside entrance lane.  The gate arm will have remote access operated by the security guard to raise and lower the arm as needed.   This outside lane will be used for oversized vehicles and during peak times of day when traffic volume is heavier.  Additional benefits of the remote activated gate arm include reducing or eliminating the need for cones that are presently being used to limit access during non-peak times of the day and night and creating a more secure entrance for residents with valid vehicle decals.  The remote access will allow the security guard to raise the gate arm to accommodate a high volume of traffic when necessary including during designated peak times and if a temporary backup of entering vehicles occurs. The gate arm will result in an additional layer of security to our entrances allowing the guards to focus on scanning visitors’ IDs while still allowing member access during peak times.

  • Permissible and Prohibited Yard Signs

With the upcoming Presidential election around the corner it is a good time to clarify what signs are permitted in Beau Chene.  The Environmental Control Committee (ECC) is authorized by our Restrictive Covenants (Fourth Act of Modification and Third Supplementary Act of Dedication of Servitudes, Privileges and Restrictions by Beau Chene Inc.) to create guidelines for permissible signs.  Section D, page 5 of the ECC Guidelines addresses the permissible signs.  Permissible signs include: 1) Real estate signs for the purpose of resale; 2) Builder’s Signs for a housing unit under construction; 3) Parish Required Signs – for houses under construction; and 4) Home security signs alerting the public that a dwelling is protected by a certain company’s alarm system.  Prohibited signs are signs not specifically permitted in the guidelines.  Prohibited signs include all political signs and all contractor signs that are not required by the parish.

A copy of the ECC Guidelines may be found either on our website at or at the BCHOA office.

If you have any questions regarding signs and sign placement, please call the BCHOA office at 985-231-6285 and ask for Bill Maier or me.

  • Back to School Traffic and Safety Reminders

August is back to school month for children residing in Beau Chene. The school buses are back running through the community and the children are out waiting to be picked up or dropped off at their bus stops.  This is a great time to remind everyone of traffic and safety concerns.  Our SPEED LIMIT throughout the entire community is 25 MPH for vehicles and 20 MPH for trucks.  School buses are in the community to pick up children from 6:00AM to 8:30AM and drop-off between the hours of 2:45PM and 4:45PM. It is never acceptable to pass a stopped school bus in either direction on our roads!  Please drive with care and follow all posted traffic signs.

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer
Beau Chene Homeowners Association

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