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Dear Homeowners and Residents,


  • Status of the Fontainbleau (East) Gate Entrance Renovation

We received a variance last month from the parish Board of Adjustments for our new entrance signage.  The parish regulations concerning residential subdivision center median entrance signs has changed over the years and we had to request a variance.  We are currently getting bids on the new signage and hope to have the completed sign installed very shortly.


  • New Vehicle Decals

The new vehicle decals have been available since November of 2016.  As of January 31, 2017, the old decals officially expired.   Starting February 1st, all vehicles that still have the old decal on their windshields will be stopped and drivers will be asked to show their IDs to be scanned.  As of today, 90% of our homeowners have requested and obtained the new decals.   Thank you for your great cooperation throughout this process!
Homeowners and Beau Chene Country Club (BCCC) members may still obtain the new decals via the website at, in-person at the BCHOA offices OR mailing in a completed decal form.  If you require assistance, please contact the BCHOA office at 985-231-6285 or email us at


  • Name the Oak Tree Contest

In conjunction with the Beau Chene Oak Tree Project started by the BC Garden Club, the BCHOA has identified southern live oak trees on our property that qualify to be registered with The Live Oak Society.  Our two most prominent BCHOA owned oak trees are located on Beau Chene Boulevard at the Main Gate Entrance to Beau Chene.  Several names have been suggested, so the HOA has decided to let the residents choose from the list below for each.  Submit your vote via email at by March 1st.

The name that receives the largest number of votes will be given to the live oak in the median. The name receiving the second largest number of votes will be given to the live oak on the western side of the median.  The suggested names are:

  •                         The Salutation Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Sentinel Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Guardian Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Welcome Home Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Tranquility Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Bonjour Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Hospitality Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Community Oak of Beau Chene
  •                         The Friendship Oak of Beau Chene


  • Mardi Gras Day

Our offices will be closed Tuesday, February 28th for Mardi Gras Day.  For any water or sewer emergencies please call our main number at 985- 231-6285 and press #3 for Lindsey.   For all other emergencies call the Security Guards at:
Main Guard Gate             985-845-7560
East Guard Gate               985-845-8495
Marina Guard Gate         985-845-7022

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer

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