Main Entrance Gate on Hwy. 22 Scheduled for Construction

The start date for the reconstruction of the Main Entrance, on Hwy. 22 across from the Goodwill store, is now scheduled.  Demolition will start this coming Tuesday, April 25th.   The Security Guards will move into the temporary guardhouse starting on Friday, April 21st.  The demolition will take a few days and the foundation work will follow. The timeline to completion is approximately 90 days from commencement with weather permitting.  The project includes a new turn-around in front of the guardhouse.  Once the construction is done the re-landscaping of the entrance median and shoulders will follow with new signage and landscape lighting.

We do not anticipate any major interruption with traffic flow entering and exiting the subdivision until the roadway asphalt work commences approximately 60 days into the construction.  We will be providing updates and details regarding any traffic pattern changes in advance of those changes taking place.

This is a continuation of the first step in our Master Plan to re-image Beau Chene. During the community-wide re-imaging workshops held in 2014, the entrances of Beau Chene, including the guard houses, were at the top of the list in need of improvements and updates.  As a result of the re-imagining meetings the BCHOA received a master plan that incorporates many items, including walking paths and lighting for street signs, in addition to the renovation of all three guardhouses and entrances.  The Board of Directors prioritized the projects based on urgency and financial costs. The renovation of the guardhouses is the first scheduled project from the master plan.

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Please direct all concerns and inquiries to the BCHOA office.  Our lines of communication are open to all residents.

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