Status of Fontainbleau (East) Gate Renovation

Beau Chene Homeowners Association (BCHOA) awarded a contract to McMath Construction to reconstruct the Fontainbleau  (East) Gatehouse in mid-October of 2015.   The permitting process is almost complete.    We are anticipating a start date for construction within a 3 to 4 week window.   In anticipation of the construction, a temporary guard house will be set-up in front of the existing guard house (60 feet apart) at the back of the first median as you enter the subdivision.  Two pine trees at the rear of the front median have been removed.  One pine tree was damaged and both of them were identified as potential risks to the new guard house if either one fell.  Also, the pine tree on the entrance lane side of the median would block sight by Security at the temporary guardhouse of the entering vehicles.    The next step to prepare for the temporary guard house will be to remove a portion of the landscape in the rear of the front median.  This is scheduled to occur sometime next week.   Once the area is cleared, a portable building will be placed in the median.

The projected timeline, once construction commences, is approximately 90 days weather permitting.   The project plans include complete re-landscaping of the entire entrance upon completion of the new guard house.   Please be on the lookout for signage, e-mail, website and Facebook announcements with updates, progress reports and any traffic flow changes.

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