Water Well Work

Lower Water Pressure Possible Starting Saturday, April 30th

As part of Beau Chene’s 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan, developed for the BCHOA by the consulting engineering firm of Owen and White, Inc., upgrades of the hydropneumatic pressure tanks and the chlorine disinfection systems have been budgeted for 2016. Both of these water system improvement projects are currently underway.

The two hydropneumatic tanks, one at each of our two water wells, have been internally inspected and determined to be structurally in good condition. However, the interior of each tank will need to be reconditioned with AWWA and LDHH approved coatings.

This work will begin at Well 4, 817 Beau Chene Drive, on Saturday, April 30th. The process of sand blasting, coating, curing time for the coatings, disinfection, and bacterial sampling will probably take three weeks to complete. During this time the water system will be supplied by only one well, and periods of lower than normal water pressure may occur. This should not affect in any way the quantity or the quality of the water supplied by your BCHOA water system.

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