Calling 811 Before You Dig

State law requires calling 811 to have any buried utility lines located and marked before digging on your property. Because natural gas and other underground utility lines are widespread, striking one can disrupt neighborhood utility services, result in large repair costs and fines, and cause injuries or loss of life.

Many home-improvement projects require calling 811, such as:

  • Excavating for a driveway
  • Installing a sprinkler system
  • Digging holes for fence posts or a mailbox
  • Anchoring supports for decks and swings
  • Installing a retainer wall
  • Contouring and landscaping
  • Planting trees
  • Removing tree roots
  • Driving landscaping stakes

The state of Louisiana requires calling 811 at least two working days before digging is to begin, excluding weekends and legal holidays.

With one call to 811, all underground utility lines will be located and marked on your property at no charge to you. Natural gas lines will be marked with yellow flags or spray paint, and other utility lines will be marked with different standard colors.

The 811 service does not locate customer-owned lines on a property or inside a building. You must hire a licensed plumber or contractor to mark those lines. Please stay safe and call 811 for any projects involving digging on your property.
Submitted by Cristina Donovan
(source – Atmos Energy)


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