Keeping You Informed –  Important Updates

Dear Homeowners and Residents,

St. Tammany Parish Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

As part of Keep St. Tammany Beautiful, the Parish has scheduled a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day on November 12, 2016 at 21490 Koop Drive in Mandeville. The collections will be received between the hours of 9 am to 2 pm. For more information and a list of household hazardous waste items that will be accepted go to this link on the STP website:

Status of Curb Side Recycling

We are very much in support of recycling in Beau Chene but the state of the recycling industry has prevented it to be a viable option within the community. The Recycling industry is failing nationally due to government regulation and low prices on recycled materials. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, we had curbside recycling in Beau Chene. Our recyclables were processed at a site in St. Bernard Parish. Hurricane Katrina basically wiped out this site.

A year and a half ago we had discussions with our trash contractor, Northshore Disposal, and another disposal company regarding the viability of recycling. There was limited availability and the sites taking the recyclables were unreliable. Meaning, the recyclables were being added to the regular trash and dumped into trash sites. At the time, the Board determined it would not be a fiscally sound decision to pay extra for recycling when the materials were not in fact being recycled. Recently, we had a conversation with an industry contact who confirmed that the company who had been picking up the Keep Mandeville Beautiful dumpsters, Progressive, had been bought out by Waste Connection. Waste Connection does not want to continue providing the dumpsters for recycling.

If a viable option does become available, I assure you that the Board of Directors will consider the option.

Status of the Fontainbleau (East) Gate Entrance Renovation

We are now awaiting parish permit for our newly designed entrance sign. Since the overall size of the sign is larger than the current parish regulations allow we have requested a variance. The re-landscaping will be completed as soon as the approval has been received for the entrance sign.

New Vehicle Decals

Be on the lookout via mail, email and Facebook for information on how to obtain the new vehicle decals. Communications will be sent the week of October 24th – 28th.

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer

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