Recycling News

Recycling waste in our own neighborhood is important both now and for the future therefore we want give you options currently available to you as residents of Mandeville.

The Mandeville Recycles program, initiated and implemented by Keep Mandeville Beautiful, consists of four focus areas: outdoor recycling at special events, two recycling drop-off sites, school recycling and increasing curbside recycling.

There are two recycling containers in Mandeville. One is located at the corner of Girod Street and General Pershing in Old Mandeville and the second recycling drop off container is located on Dalwill Drive in the Rouses Supermarket parking lot, 4350 Highway 22.

Both containers are opened every day for anyone wanting to recycle. Important to note: you do not have to separate materials. The container is removed for servicing for two hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.  If the container is being serviced or is full DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS ON THE GROUND. Currently, 90 cubic yards are being collected and recycled weekly. Thank Progressive Waste Solutions for their commitment to the Mandeville community. The program is a partnership between KMB, Progressive Waste Solutions and the City of Mandeville.

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