Guard of the Quarter Recognition Program – 2nd Quarter 2016

(Reprinted from the July 2016 issue of Our Beautiful Oak)

In conjunction with Vinson Security, our security guard contractor, Beau Chene Homeowners Association (BCHOA) has recently initiated a security guard recognition program. The purpose of the program is to provide positive recognition for good performance and to encourage more positive behavior. The recognition includes receiving a Certificate of Recognition, a $50.00 gift card, and a photo and small write up published in the Beau Chene monthly magazine, Our Beautiful Oak. Our first recipient will be selected and recognized for the 2nd Quarter of 2016.

We have identified six (6) areas of performance, listed below, to be considered in selecting the Guard of the Quarter. We will use input from the site supervisor for Vinson Security, residents’ comments, and BCHOA management staff observations to select the recipient each quarter. The six areas of performance are:

1) Consistency — in every case, visibly acknowledge all residents and visitors and challenges visitors to stop for ID scanning.
2) Communication skills—maintains a professional, respectful demeanor with the public, as well as with co-workers and supervisors.
3) Judgement/rationality—exercises common sense and good judgement in all decision making endeavors.
4) Reliability—maintains an excellent record in terms of absenteeism and tardiness.
5) Trustworthiness—consistently acts with a high level of integrity and always responds in the best interests of the Beau Chene community.
6) Appearance – meets Vinson Security’s dress code at all times with appropriate uniforms and neat attire. Maintains personal hygiene including appropriate facial hair.

Guard of the Quarter – 2nd Quarter 2016

It is our pleasure to announce Sarah Bloss as the first recipient of the Guard of the Quarter recognition program. Sarah Bloss has been with Vinson for about 2 years now. Before joining Vinson, she worked at Taco Bell, and it comes as no surprise that she received “The Champion Award” there for outstanding customer service. Despite a daily commute from her home in Bush, La., Sarah was one of the first Vinson guards to show up for work the morning after the horrendous flooding in March of this year. She has maintained perfect attendance while at Vinson, and also achieved that in all her previous jobs. She is always well groomed and wears her uniform with pride and professionalism. Many residents have noted Sarah’s consistent greeting and acknowledgment of members as they pass her post. She is also extremely diligent in communicating with all non-members, always using good judgement and verifying and recording the proper credentials.

Sarah says her favorite part of the job is working with the public as well as with her co-workers/fellow Vinson guards and Supervisors. When asked what her least favorite part of the job is, Sarah said dealing with residents who do not have a decal, but are reluctant to show their driver’s license. She also would like to remind all members to slow down, especially at night so that she and the other guards can verify that the members’ vehicles have the proper decal.

We are very proud to have Sarah Bloss on our team and hope that she remains with us for many years to come!!

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