Keeping You Informed – Fire Hydrant Flushing To Start On October 10, 2016

The local fire district requires fire hydrants to be tested regularly so they can be rated for firefighting and insurance purposes.  The district has scheduled testing in Beau Chene to start on Monday, October 10.  The Homeowners Association will flush hydrants, as necessary, during the week of October 3rd thru 7th to remove loose mineral deposits from the system prior to the high flows involved with testing.  Flushing operations will be performed between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.  If, as a result of either our flushing or fire district testing, you should experience deposits in your water, please open outside faucets and run them until your system is clear.  Problems with deposits should be minimal because the water has been treated since 1996 for the mineral deposits. Please call Lindsey Adkins at 985-231-6285, ext. 3, if you have any questions concerning these procedures.


Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Office


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