Keeping You Informed – Utility Work – AT&T System Upgrade

AT&T is upgrading their system with a fiber optic connection. The area of work is in the roadway right of way servitude for utilities. They have been working on Vermillion to Evangeline and Evangeline to Fontainbleau, and then Fontainbleau to the East Gate. They have completed the boring and are now running the wire through. They expect to complete this work on or before Friday October 7th.

In order to provide utilities (electric, gas, phone, cable) in a development, the developer has to grant a right of way and servitude which allows the utility to construct, operate, maintain, add, and/or remove such lines or systems the developer requires. These right of way & servitude agreements allow access (ingress and egress) to the servitudes at all times. Our right of way & servitude agreements with AT&T date back to the 1970’s when it was South Central Bell. The utility companies do not have a requirement to ask permission or even notify the HOA of any work performed. The only legal requirement for utilities is to call La One Call to have all existing utilities marked before any digging occurs.  AT&T did make this call and the utilities were marked before they commenced their work to install the new fiber optic line.

Our HOA owned roadside property on major streets in Beau Chene, including Evangeline Drive, is 23 feet from the edge of the roadway. There is an additional 10 foot servitude on the front of the lots in the area that AT&T is working presently. The utility companies have the right to perform work within the servitude which in this case could be as much as 33 feet from the edge of the road.

Utility companies will make a reasonable effort to restore the area to good condition. This might take a period of time to allow settling of backfill and the addition of more fill. If the restoration is not satisfactory, the utility company should be contacted first. The HOA can assist in dealing with the utility company if necessary.

If you have any questions or need any assistance you may call me or Bill Maier at 985-231-6285.

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Office

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